Tiki Massage on the Beach

Massage Therapy

Experience therapeutic massage indoors or in a tiki hut right on the beach.

Enjoy all 6 complimentary upgrades

  • FREE Full clock time (1 hour = 60 minutes hands-on)
  • FREE Same price for Deep Tissue as Swedish
  • FREE Advanced bodywork techniques
  • FREE Aromatherapy oil or unscented arnica jojoba lotion
  • FREE Moist heat pack for your back (Indoor Only)
  • FREE Pain relieving liniment on target area

The Signature Massage

Our state licensed massage therapists are trained in many different techniques including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Pre-Natal, Reflexology, Sports and Energy Balancing. We believe that massage is therapy, not luxury, and a vital part of natural health for relaxation, stress relief and much more.

Massage Length in Minutes / Price:   45 / $95  ~ 75 / $130

For massage on the beach add $30 per person.

Couples Massage

Tiki:  The perfect spot for couples, especially at sunset. Add $30 per person to be in the tiki.

Indoor: Separate rooms at the same time. If you prefer to be in the same candlelit room, book the Couples Suite at our Sister Spa, Body & Sol, located on the other end of the island.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage at an island community event. Look for us at Bayfest!

Share the benefits of relaxation through comfortable, clothed, seated massage. Includes aroma-mist and pain relieving liniment. Perfect at poolside, in your busy office, or just about anywhere. Enjoyable for all ages and body types. 3-6 people can be accommodated in a single hour.

$279 for first two hours (minimum), includes gratuity.  $65 for each additional half-hour.

Travel fee may apply.

On-Site Services

Yes! We will come to you. Ask about spa parties for groups of any size.
Travel fee may apply.