Bodycare treamentsSand Dollars ~ Only $15 each

Enrich your massage.
No extra time needed


Focused foot massage with an ultra-hydrating sea salt and citrus shea butter balm

Scalp Soother

A soothing blend of botanical oils including juniper, clove, and eucalyptus applied to pressure points on the head and neck. Great for headaches!

Warm Stones

Tame neck and shoulder tension with warm stones for added pressure and heat
For a full body hot stone experience, instead of just a target area, book a hot stone massage. May not be possible for Beach massage.

Sea Scrub

Gentle exfoliation for either your back or your feet with a paraben-free sea salt scrub infused with peppermint, lemongrass, spearmint and grapefruit essential oils. Invigorating and nourishing.

Can’t decide which Sand Dollars to try?
Choose our Island Bliss Package and enjoy them all.